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Dick Armey's Waterloo?

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Wed Mar 24, 2010 at 11:36:00 AM EDT

Jim DeMint thought he would bring about President Obama's Waterloo. Instead he may have brought forth Dick Armey's. At least one can hope.  

Dick Armey, one-time GOP House Majority Leader, is said to have written the Contract for America, which became more of a Contract on Americans. He was part of the crew that brought us the infamous government shutdown of the 1990s, when Congress refused to pass a budget, thanks to him and The Newt. It turned out that the people want their reps to work for their salaries, not shut things down. Over time, and possibly due to Newt's ego, the Contract came to be associated more with Newt Gingrich.

Following his departure from the Senate leadership, Armey was a lawyer/lobbyist for DLA Piper, whose clients include the governments of Afghanistan and Turkey. With 3,500 lawyers in 29 countries, the firm represents corporate interests around the world. Among other companies, Lorillard supported his reelection campaign. Here are some backgrounders here and here.

His break from DLA Piper notwithstanding, his current activities spawning Tea Party groups around the country through his new Freedom Works is still "astroturf," through and through.  (So non-grassroots is the effort that the wife of Clarence Thomas is organizing one Tea Party group.)  

KathyinBlacksburg :: Dick Armey's Waterloo?
At Freedom Works, Armey has orchestrated the so-called TeaParty movement, which defames Obama and progressives with the phony and outrageous charge of "socialism." This is the kind of thing Armey excels in. He was behind the smear campaign against Al Gore, which sought to portray Gore as a liar. He sows the seeds for folks to think even worse of Obama.  Not surprisingly, TeaPartying low-information voters end up believing falsehoods, such as that "Obama is a socialist."

And yet, ironically, up until he was forced to give up his lobbying (which he tried to hold onto while running Freedom Works), Dick Armey lobbied for a real socialist/Marxist Iranian group, the MEK, which the State Department labels a terrorist group.  BTW, Armey has also tried to promote a bill which would send us into war with Iran.  Like the nefarious "sources' aiming to get the US onboard with regime change In Iraq, Army's client hoped to manipulate us into regime change and long-term commitment in Iran.  

Ever on the wrong side of history, and ever full of internal contradictions, Dick Armey once said an unprovoked attack on Iraq would be illegal.  And the he voted for the war.

He thinks the main problem with the Republican Party was that it didn't reject Bush's big government proposals. But Dick Armey brushes aside that Ronald Reagan had the biggest government in US history at that point and it was bigger than the government of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. Later, George W. Bush presided over the biggest, most intrusive government in the US ever. Yet Armey is so far off that his group continues to pretend that the Obama health care plan is a "government takeover" of 16% of the economy. It is essentially a Republican plan (expanded Mitt-Care or Massachusetts  Care) for private insurance, not a government takeover in any stretch of the imagination--except in that of the manipulated TeaPartiers' minds. But this is what Armey does best, manipulate people and scare the bejeebers out of them.

In his wanting "small government," fundamentally, he really means big government lopsidedly focused on militarization and regime change around the world at the expense of programs for people. Anything that helps real people, Dick Armey opposed/opposes.

But mainly, he is tasked by the organizations feeding him to turn Americans against their own best interest, so corporations can give us nothing-- no fair wages, no fair benefits (except for the execs at the top), no social security (he wants to dismantle it), unsafe working conditions, etc.  

To do such a thing, one would have to create a fury, to whip people up with false claims of a commie under every bed. One would have to turn day into night and night into day, to essentially make people believe that Obama is up to exactly what Dick Armey actually is up to.  

Next up: Social Security privatization.  And Armey will be at center stage, behind the curtain, like the empty Wizard of Oz.  In the fairytale version, though, Oz didn't do any harm.  Dick Armey is another sort altogether.  Batten down the hatches. Dick Armey wants your Social Security check, and that of your parents and grandparents.

PS Dick Armey follows BC on Twitter.  Hi, Dick!  Why don't you take a look at the open letter to conservatives over at TPM here.  Perhaps you should take it to heart.

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A small error
Dick Armey was the House Majority Leader, not the Senate.

unfortunately have the Senate on my brain this week.  Cannot imagine why... Sorry for the error.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

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