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Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh, But...

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Sat Mar 20, 2010 at 14:07:15 PM EDT

You have to laugh at Jon Stewart's remarkable satirize and spot-on impersonation of radical ideologue Glenn Beck. You can find it here. I recommend the Daily Show clip.  It's very funny.  But I know that too many low-information or high-hating voters take this man seriously. How low-information?  Take a look at this article by Bruce Bartlett at Forbes. Tea Partiers are so ignorant they think that President Obama raised their taxes instead of cutting them.  That's only one of the items they do not get.

On a daily basis, Beck tries to fan the ignorance and hatred of (and possibly foment violence toward) millions of America's people for no reason but that he disagrees with them and they are progressive.  He's Ann Coulter, with a crew-cut and on steroids. (You'll recall Coulter once said that you should talk to liberals ("if you must") with "baseball bats.") But Ann Coulter always comes across as smug and snarky. Glenn Beck cries on cue.  It is on cue because he conjures up the same tears during rehearsal (yes, rehearsals).  This is staged to fire us the masses. It's a dangerous act and Roger Ailes is playing with fire.

Recently, Beck has taken to referring to progressives as "the cancer that is destroying our values," "socialists," "communists" and more.  Daily his rants defame us. And we let him get away with it, or at least some of us do.  

KathyinBlacksburg :: Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh, But...
They actually believe him, these adoring fans and minions of his show, of "Freedom Works" of "Americans for Prosperity," and of various pathetic, manipulative congresspersons such as Michelle Bauchman and Louis Gohmert.  Bauchman, like Beck, never lets facts get in the way of urban-legend idiocy.

America has been down this road before.  As a child, I remember listening to and watching some of the McCarthy hearings. It is unmistakable that Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Foxes of Fox seek to usher back the treacherous Joe McCarthy era. And he talks about progressives ruining the Constitution and America?

Today's mostly-extremist Republicans (almost everyone else has fled the GOP)actually think that ugly American, Sen., Joe McCarthy, was a hero.  In Texas, due to a radical revisionism movement, and a conservative Republican takeover of the state school board, Senator McCarthy may well be enshrined finally as an undeserving hero in the final state curriculum vote this May.  It's the state that Rick Perry brought us: Secessionism and revisionism.  

Ironically, they won't admit that Senator Joe McCarthy was the ultimate Big Brother, that he used guilt by association to ruin innocent lives.  They so magnified the problem of spies in America (a commie "under every bed" we were told), which was relatively small, into a national spy-on-your neighbor movement.  Sound familiar?  Bush-Cheney almost brought us back to that low during their eight-year big brother assault on the Constitution. Indeed, neighbors began "turning in their neighbors for the absurd reason that their neighbors did not support a war based upon lies. But Glenn Microchip Beck probably doesn't get the irony there either.  There have not been greater destroyers of the Constitution in the US than Bush-Cheney, that is, until Glenn Beck, and others showed just how far some on the extreme fringe of the so-called "right" are willing to go. Recently, Glenn Beck called upon Americans to turn in their ministers and pastors to authorities...for nothing.  

Beck's invented "crime" was the near-universal call for social justice in churches.  This is supposed to somehow be unAmerican.  Here we go again? I say hell, no we won't go.  Then join in the effort to push back the real assault on our Constitution and the defamation of millions of patriotic Americans, who work for constructive change (progress) within our system.

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Texas Shows Dangers
Texas is a perfect example of the danger of progressives - or a group of reasonable, intelligent conservatives, for that matter - failing to see why EVERY election at EVERY level of government is vitally important. When few vote and no one runs, the nutcakes are given free rein.

Howard Dean tried to teach Democrats that lesson with his 50-state strategy and the DFA emphasis on endorsing at all levels of public service. We progressives have to contest all elections.

For one thing, we have to take back
local school boards...

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

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The most dangerous demagogue since Joe McCarthy
Beck is in many ways more effective than the other right-wing loudmouths.  

He explains things at a very basic, 6th-grade level to his listeners. He has a more authentic blue-collar look than the sleeker, higher-class-looking Limbaugh, Colter, Hannity, etc.   He is highly entertaining, sometimes riveting.  And unlike Sarah Palin, he is able to follow a certain logic of his own, even if the syllogisms are based on faulty premises and don't add up.

At the same time, he is among the least restrained, comparing Dems to Nazis, calling Obama a racist, saying our nation is heading for extinction.  He is out of control, and seems to be the guiding spirit of the tea-baggers.  

He is one of a historical pageant of demagogues who have preyed on people's hopes and fears in difficult times -- from the instigators of the Salem Witch Trials to Father Coughlin to Senator McCarthy and on.  

This creates a lot of dangers as the wackiest wingnuts in society get energized, empowered and mobilized.  The good news is that sensible people still greatly outnumber them -- we just need to make sure that we too stay alert, engaged, outspoken and active.

is the kind of "wind" that Beck and his ilk are whipping up among the Tea Hateriots:

That's just today's crop of crap (if you'll pardon my unladylike language), on top of the video of "the Parkinson guy", which ran like wildfire through the "lefty blogs" the other day. Too bad that none of the "whippers" will reap what they sow.

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