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Too Bad, Glenn Beck, We're Not Quitting

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Wed Mar 17, 2010 at 14:20:00 PM EDT

Last week, increasingly neo-fascist and radical flamethrower, Glenn Beck, ironically urged his followers to leave their churches if they ever mention the words "social justice." It didn't occur to him that nearly every faith does.  And so he bandied about absurd charges that social justice is "code word" for communism and socialism.  It isn't.  However, we do have abundant corporate socialism, which apparently floats right by him. As if the main thrust of his rant weren't enough, in such finely honed neo-McCarthyism, he added, turn in your minister to "the authorities," if they mention social justice.  

The most outrageous aspect of this was his effort to turn American against American due only to their personal religious beliefs.  Additionally, there is an (anti-) establishment clause in the Constitution.  The framers would not be please, Beck's ignorance notwithstanding.  The conservative answer to this no doubt will be to ban separation-of-church-and-state founding father Thomas Jefferson from school curricula, as they are trying to do in Texas.

KathyinBlacksburg :: Too Bad, Glenn Beck, We're Not Quitting
I am a social justice Unitarian.  I also am a Matthew 25er.  And I will not back down.  Moreover, I'd argue that a church without any social justice component is not a church.  Rather it is a supposed church wrapped up in self-absorption, self-justification, and self-adulation.  Without a social justice component, a church would also not be worth attending.  

We go to our churches, meeting houses, temples, and other spiritual gathering places.  We of every faith have these things in common:  We seek spiritual transcendence; we seek bonds with fellow believers; we seek a world more just for the poor and marginalized; and we see to fulfill our responsibility to our neighbor, whether we know them or not.  But more to the point, the extent to which we dedicate ourselves to social justice is a measure not just of who we are, but of whether or not we meet the test of any of the world's religions. But now a fulminating radical and near-goose-stepping (he even puts on a uniform reminiscent of early Nazi Germany) neo-fascist asserts that it is those people of faith who are socialists, communists and Nazis.

Over at Tikkun blog, the following words were posted in a larger piece here.

Religion is the recognition that we as individuals are connected to others-to a transcendence, to other human beings, to nature and to all of creation.  This connection leads to moral responsibilities both to ourselves and to others.  We err when we think that we exist only for our individual selves or only for our family, tribe or nation.  The more we grow in spiritual maturity, the wider is our range of moral concern.  We not only care about our moral obligations to ourselves, but that care extends out to all.  The them versus us delusion falls away, and we come to recognize that they and we are the same.  We each are a part of the other.  Martin Luther King called it a network of mutuality.  This insight helps me to know the imperative that commands me to love God with all my heart and soul and to love my neighbor as myself. Valerie Elverton-Dixon, Tikkun Daily Blog.

Sojourner's leader Jim Wallis threw down the gauntlet here.  

Beck says Christians should leave their social justice churches, so I say Christians should leave Glenn Beck.

Hear! Hear!

Leaders from many of the nation's churches have condemned the Beck theatrical nonsense concerning social justice. In addition, Think Progress reveals that in 1967, George Romney, father of Mitt Romney, made it clear: He would quit his church if it ever tried to prevent him from working toward racial justice. Would that his his son Mitt be as courageous.

More than 100 sponsors have defected from sponsorship of Glenn Beck's show.  This matters little to FAUX News and Roger Ailes, who seem willing to float the Beck crap-load on into the future.  Apparently, Roger Ailes eats it up and loves it.  Here is what it comes down to.  Not only should sponsors boycott this man.  So too should all Americans.  

Anyone watching this show reveals all we need to know of them. Viewership condones Beck's hate-laced rants and scripted, rehearsed and manipulative sobs.  But most of all, I question the so-called network which gives him a microphone for fun and profit (?).  Such an amoral organization is (almost) without precedent.  

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Beck Hates Jesus
Uh oh. Beck may have finally separated himself from most Christians (unfortunately, not all.) He needs to read Matthew 25:31-42.

Sure sounds like it, doesn't it? n/t

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

[ Parent ]
This little cockeral
is in the last stages as he struts his stuff in Nazi drag.
However, given his sponsorhip by the boss of Fox, he needs no other.

Remember, however, that the goose-steppers shouting Heil Hitler! in stadiums filled with fluttering national flags, still had lots of stuff left in them on their way to the dustbin of history, stuff like Auchswitz and Bergen-Belsen, like seige of Stalingrad, von Rommel in North Africa, the Battle of the Bulge, and V-2 rockets over London.... and, they very nearly beat us to the A-bomb.

I still take our home-grown version of stormtrooper very seriously. I wonder when the Aryan Nation skinheads will claim him as their own, and the Southern Poverty Law Center will put him on its list of hate groups?

SPLC may not list him as a "group," but it does
Mention him on its site (more than once).  Here is one example...

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

[ Parent ]
Violence is coming
and I say this simply because that is what they are saying. Unfortunately, the Republican Party, like Mussolini, is running to get in front of the marching hordes in order to "lead" it.

Some old-time conservatives point out that the instigators of the Tea Party movement are hardline Republicans (like Dick Armey) and most of the donors paying for busses, organizers, and publicity are old-line radical Republican donors. So the Republicans of today, direct political descendants of the sessionist Democrats of pre-Civil War, are once again traitors to America simply becaue they don't like the results of an election or two.

What with health care and the 19 April "march on Washington" by the Tea Party, it is going to be a wild spring.

[ Parent ]
Well, they only garnered
200-300 yesterday.  So, who knows.   Maybe they have lost steam.  But I never assume that the facts can replace fiction sputtered by the Teabaggers.  

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

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