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[VIDEO] Dean, Billionaires for Wealthcare, and a Public Option Superstar...

by: SumofChange

Tue Mar 09, 2010 at 15:50:37 PM EST

( - promoted by Elaine in Roanoke)

Cross-posted from Sum of Change

Today I dropped in on the health care rally in DC. Everyone who's anyone was there (not literally, but it certainly felt that way when I was there).

Howard Dean was there. We got to ask him if he thinks the Democratic leadership is prepared to move forward without Republicans and if he agrees with the statement that House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer made at the health care summit that everyone shares the same goal of covering all Americans:

video below the fold...

SumofChange :: [VIDEO] Dean, Billionaires for Wealthcare, and a Public Option Superstar...

Billionaire's for Wealthcare were there:

And, one of my personal favorites, Edward Kimmel, the man who braved hordes of teabaggers at the 9/12 tea party in DC (he had to be escorted out by police that day, the reception was much nicer today). Here's the 9/12 tea party footage of him:

And here's my interview with him today:

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Some Comments
Some comments from people who were at the rally, compliments of Huffington Post:

Lillian Allen, a 101-year-old woman from Pittsburgh: "Everybody ought to have health insurance. What would I do if I didn't have it? I wouldn't be turning 102 in April."

"I know it from both sides; the system's broken," said Terence Gerace, a doctor and cancer survivor from Washington. "It's a for-profit system. A significant amount of cost goes to executives, and not the providers, and it needs to be rectified. It's an immoral system as it currently stands."

Paul Shenkyr, 51, carried a homemade sign reading "My Daughter Is Not a Pre-Existing Condition." He told HuffPost: "I'm here trying to make it difficult for insurance executives to have a meeting. They like to deny health care to people who are pregnant, among others. What kind of a policy is that?"

"I think it's a real shame that this country doesn't have some sort of insurance that covers everyone, said Chony Gallardo, an elderly immigrant from Spain. "I have enjoyed, all my life, government-run health insurance. So when I came to this country and I saw the state of affairs, I was dismayed. Now, I am living with American for-profit health insurance."

Gallardo said that the insurance companies have constantly changed her policy rules in order to make more money. "The small print is always somewhere."

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