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Jim Bunning Rides Again ("I Object," Part 2)

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Tue Mar 02, 2010 at 16:09:55 PM EST

If you thought Jim Bunning's callousness "only" affected 200,000 federal employees, who  now will lose jobs and insurance, guess again.  Bunning had much more in store for his second act of the same play.

Having gone along with Bush's wars costing trillions, and the entirety of George W. Bush's economically profligate economic policies, Jim Bunning also this week went gunning for America's seniors and he did it, he says, to save $10 billion.  Somehow I am not buying that explanation.  Jim Bunning may be an older American himself (he's 78), but he doesn't need Medicare.  He's got Congress's health care plan.  But he set out to hurt other seniors' access to Medicare.  As it turns out, that is much easier to do in one fell swoop than most people would imagine.

KathyinBlacksburg :: Jim Bunning Rides Again ("I Object," Part 2)
Here's TPM's coverage of the Bunning obstruction extravanganza.  

Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) is already infamous for blocking a temporary extension of unemployment and COBRA benefits for out of work Americans. But included in that package is legislation to prevent a mandatory pay cut for doctors--and by standing in its way, he's triggered a 21 percent fee reduction to doctors seeing Medicare patients starting today.

Doctors treating Medicare patients are already under-reimbursed.  The latest paralysis will only deepen the cost overruns in private practices.  And it will lead to more seniors losing there medical care altogether.  As of today, more doctors will begin to refuse seeing Medicare patients.  And it is Jim Bunning's fault.  It is also the fault of the entire Senate if they let him get away with it. Here is an excellent article by McCamy Taylor about this problem.  (Taylor is a physician and a writer.)

You, your parents, or your grandparents may no longer be able to get a doctor's appointment.  This is serious.  We already have nearly fifty million without health insurance at all, Medicaid cuts in state after state (including Virginia)and millions of seniors now learning their docs may refuse to see them. It keeps getting worse and worse. You know the drill... write and call.  

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