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Radical Right and White Supremacists Line Up Behind Terrorism

by: SumofChange

Thu Feb 25, 2010 at 12:57:27 PM EST

originally posted at Sum of Change

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which specializes in monitoring the most dangerous of the radical right in this country, has put out a report detailing the support that terrorist Joseph Stack is receiving amongst radicals on the right, and white supremacists specifically.

Quotes below the fold...

SumofChange :: Radical Right and White Supremacists Line Up Behind Terrorism

"The Guy is a true HERO!!!"


"This was quite heroic. There is a gradual awakening underway. I wonder how racially conscious he was."


"This is just the beginning. Prepare for battle!"


"This man won't be the last to do something like this."


"Only bad I see about this is that he didn't kill enough."

Let us be clear about what this is. This is radicals supporting suicide bombings on American buildings. This is Americans cheering for, and calling for more of, the violent murder of innocent American civilians. This is the "American Taliban" you keep hearing about over at Daily Kos.

Which, of course, is entirely different from this kind of "sympathy":

(from Think Progress)

(from Talking Points Memo)

And that is Republican's justifying, or making lighthearted jokes, about the violent, suicide-bombing murder of innocent American civilians.

Frankly, the conservative base of the Republican party would not have to answer for all the sympathizers of this degenerate terrorists were it not for their own sympathy for this degenerate terrorist.

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No foreign power
at this point in history can bring down America. It is our own enemies from within that we need to fear who can destroy us.

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