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McDonnell the Latest GOP Hypocrite

by: Elaine in Roanoke

Wed Feb 24, 2010 at 13:01:29 PM EST

Oh, my Lord! Who would have thought...

Bob McDonnell has caught the rampant "hypocrite flu" that is raging in the GOP community this year.

The Washington Post is reporting that Gov. McDonnell met with Virginia's congressional delegation in Washington and asked them to help him secure stimulus funds to help build a Rolls Royce manufacturing plant in Prince George County near Petersburg.

I will give McDonnell this much. His hypocrisy is tempered by the way he has danced around his party's criticism of the president and the Recovery Act. During the campaign for governor, McDonnell trashed the Recovery Act as a waste of money on a regular basis. At the same time, though, he said Virginia should accept the money.

McDonnell met with the entire congressional delegation, minus Sen. Jim Webb, who had another obligation. Besides begging for stimulus act money for the state, McDonnell discussed his desire to see off-shore oil drilling, ways to prevent a Norfolk-based aircraft carrier from being relocated to Florida, and various measures to clean up the Chesapeake Bay.

Gov. Wimpy also told the legislators he supports Congress extending the federal stimulus bill to help states cover rising Medicaid health care costs, a infusion of funds that he hopes will help close that $4.2 billion budget shortfall Virginia is facing. President Obama's proposed six-month Medicaid extension could pump $350 million into the state's coffers for health care.

So, let me get the governor's "logic" sorted out here.  

Elaine in Roanoke :: McDonnell the Latest GOP Hypocrite
McDonnell is adamantly opposed to the Commonwealth raising any taxes or fees to cover any portion of the state revenue shortfall. Instead, he says we should tighten our belts and drastically cut the budget to cover the shortfall in funding.

Of course, as is usual with Republicans, the people being asked to tighten their belts are the children, the sick, the poor, the elderly, the teachers.

McDonnell thinks that the Recovery Act is bad, bad, bad...but not bad enough that he will reject any of the money he has his hand out to collect. Oh, except the part that would have extended unemployment benefits to laid-off Virginia workers. That had to be rejected because it would have cost business a whopping $4.50 per year per employee.

On the other hand, McDonnell thinks that it's O.K. for the federal government to add to its deficit and hand over to Virginia money that the state needs. That's even worse than the usual "borrow and spend" philosophy the GOP has foisted onto people for the last thirty years.

This new GOPer idea is: The Feds should take on the debt, but then they should give the money to Richmond. That way, goodies like no estate tax for the wealthy can be preserved.  

McDonnell, like so many other Republicans, believes in biting the hand that feeds it. GOPers rail against the hated federal government and use the anger they stir up to get elected. Then, they turn around and want money from the very government they say is so bad.

After meeting with the governor, Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-11th) said he was disappointed that transportation was not among what McDonnell said were his top seven priorities, but supposedly  McDonnell promised to bring that issue up "next time."

At least I now know exactly what McDonnell's "transportation plan" is. He is going to do nothing and follow the "Scarlett O'Hara philosophy" about dealing with that crisis: "Fiddle dee dee. I'll think about that tomorrow."

As if endorsing Recovery Act spending and a government-run health care plan called Medicaid, plus keeping mum on transportation, wasn't enough, the governor made even more news yesterday.

During his interview on WTOP radio, McDonnell said that he planned to serve out his full term, but he refused to rule out resigning in order to run for president or vice president in 2012.

I wonder how that will play among people who thought they were electing a governor, not an ambitious national politician?

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but but but
it went so doggone WELL!

He called the get-together incredibly productive. In fact, it went so well, that McDonnell says he'd like to have meetings like this one several times a year. "We had a very robust discussion about ways for Virginia and the congressional delegation to work together on state and federal issues."

Love this part:

Interestingly, one topic that did not come up in Tuesday's meeting is the health care debate that's raging on Capitol Hill. McDonnell and others say the positions on the health care overhaul bills in Congress are well known, and their time was better spent discussing other issues.

Yeh, don't need to talk about healthcare by golly.

Lord help us.

Or Transportation
Or transportation, even though McDonnell swore - literally - during the campaign that he had proposed "12 f**king funding mechanisms" to solve the transportation mess.

So, let's not talk about health care or transportation...Let's just talk about how the evil, nasty federal government can keep Virginia from raising revenue itself and can give us lots of money.

The transportation mechanisms were still having fun last fall. Add nine months before they (or, at least, some of them; not every seed that's planted, grows) give birth to some plan-lets. Then allow 18-21 yrs for them to mature. And, if they're not distracted by wanting some fun of their own, maybe, maybe, we'll see our transportation problems solved...

[ Parent ]
Is that still a concern??

double snark.

Perhaps when all of guv wimpy's cuts are enacted, with full support of VA dems of course, the feds can sweep in with plenty of money to save the poor, the kids and the mentally disabled. But wimpy would probably say no to the evil federal guvmit's help.

Man I hate these people. And once again, I'd like to thank all the morons who voted him into office.

on Elaine.

During his gubernatorial campaign, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) repeatedly criticized the Recovery Act, saying that although it was "massive," he didn't think it would "have a stimulus effect." [...]

However, now that he's in office and facing real budget challenges, he's singing a different tune. On Monday, McDonnell proudly "announced that Virginia will receive a total of $24 million in federal funding to advance health information technology" - money made possible by the stimulus, which McDonnell conveniently failed to mention. McDonnell's spokesman insisted that the previous governor, Democrat Tim Kaine, applied for the funds, but that didn't stop McDonnell from touting them.

Yesterday, McDonnell went even further and asked for more stimulus dollars.

Let's clean up the Chesapeake Bay
but Bob wants drilling so to ruin the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay

Faced with reality he changes his stripes
Funny how reality changes things. McDonnell and his buddies are more than happy to use the anti-federal-government talking points to get elected. Then after the election  they take a look at the state budget. Like most hangovers from the Old South, they don't want to pay more taxes themselves, but they want the rest of the country to support their programs. Ultimately they are more than happy to suck at the federal teat.  

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