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Bob McDonnell Plans Defunding of Planned Parenthood

by: beckbee

Mon Feb 22, 2010 at 13:34:54 PM EST

( - promoted by Teddy Goodson)

Bob McDonnell and his gang are working with right wing Christian groups to defund Planned Parenthood:

beckbee :: Bob McDonnell Plans Defunding of Planned Parenthood
UPDATE: by Teddy Goodson
As always, the Bob Marshall Wing of GOP-land has no idea just what they are talking about: Marshall hints that Planned Parenthood (otherwise known as "the abortion business") received $500,000---- a sum far far above what they in fact did receive  from the state. According to a representative of Planned Parenthood, the state only paid them to provide medical services (not limited to abortions) to 1,000 women. There was also money to provide medical services to HIV patients, to which Right to Life also apparently objects. Guess they would prefer no condoms be issued at all, which would facilitate the spread of HIV. (Who are we to interfere with God's will?)

Cutting funds to Planned Parenthood would adversely impact the poorest, and that's in addition to the slashing of services by McDonnell to just those, the most vulnerable. Shame on you folks for being poor. Obviously, God does not love you, and it's all your fault.

The righties obsess about a group, make a Great Stink, assassinate characters, strut self-righteously about the public stage, until they finally de-legitimize, demonize, and de-fund them. Acorn, Planned Parenthood.... Obama, too.  

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These folks hate women
Men can send their sons to unjustified wars to die. They can request that their wives have abortions, but it is the women who must be punished. Are we all straight on that? Why don't all women get together and figure out how God is punishing men?

It's not just the poor
If the "Planned Parenthood" is, in any way, similar to the "Planned Motherhood" we had in Poland, it's also likely to be the best access to contraceptives that teenagers have. I had free access to healthcare but "my" (assigned) gynecologist would not prescribe the pill or IUD for me, without notifying my parents, until I was 18. Besides, the old fart was male, which I didn't like. So, at 16-and-a-half, I took myself off to the Planned Motherhood, where all the doctors were female. The visits weren't free, but neither were they beyond my means (I worked after school). And, although they did provide abortions (first trimester only), they hated them like poison and welcomed every responsible teenager who came for contraceptives. Lots of genuine, individual care, lots of advice, lots of pamphlets I could either take home or read in situ, if I didn't like to take the risk of letting the cat out about my "misbehaviour". I loved them and stayed with them till I was 23 (and left for US), even though, by then, I could have gone back into the "system". It's in their memory that I now support Planned Parenthood in US.  

It's a trifecta
1) He killed LGBT rights to even have a job in Virginia (it is now "legal" to deny a job, fire because a person is gay, and to ask outright in an employment interview whether or not an individual is LGBT.
2) He decimated education (wouldn't want kids to actually think).  (Along the way he wiped out funding of NPR in his budget.)
3) He is killing off Planned Parenthood's public support (for providing check ups, primary care, pregnancy testing, and other gynecological services unrelated to abortion for those who cannot afford to see a doctor. PP informs patients of ALL options, including carrying the child and adoption.  But because it trusts women to make their own choices, Bob is gunning for it.


"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

Campaign as a "moderate" govern like a social conservative?
Will GOP follow Bob's example?

Yeah, he was Mr. Moderate....hushed up on all of those
"difficult" issues like choice, glbt equality..etc.

Now Mr. Bob's social conservative stripes are glowing like the uranium in Pittsylvania County.  

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