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If CPAC is going to have the John Birch Society present

by: teacherken

Sun Feb 21, 2010 at 19:04:57 PM EST

perhaps some music from the 1960s is relevant.  Here's the Chad Mitchell Trio, with a song that was - gasp - banned from the radio (I wonder why???):

If you need explanations, go below the fold

teacherken :: If CPAC is going to have the John Birch Society present
MCA = Music Corporation of America, which for a long time had a monopoly as the agent for figures in Hollywood

Westbook Pegler was a VERY RIGHT WING commentator famed for his opposition to the New Deal and labor unions

Pinky Lee was a star of children's television in the 1950s.  Quoting from the Wikipedia article on him:  

In 1955, Lee collapsed on camera due to an infection, and the show continued without him until 1956. Rumors that Lee had died of a heart attack, prompted by this incident, persisted for decades. Occasionally, newspapers carried items mentioning the "late" Lee - even though he was performing at a dinner theater in the same city as the reporting newspaper. The incident even spawned rumors that Lee had been institutionalized after going insane  on live television.

In 1957, Lee hosted The Gumby Show, the original appearance of that "claymation" character. In 1964, Pinky attempted a return to kids TV by hosting a local children's comedy program on KABC-TV Channel 7 in Los Angeles. This series was in national syndication for the 1964-65 TV seasons, but the program fell prey to creative interference from the show's producers and station management. Lee tried to fight off the interference, but his efforts were for naught. The Pinky Lee Kids TV Show went off the air after one season.

Meanwhile, if you think the Dixie Chicks had a hard time because of their opposition to Shrub, the Chad Mitchell Trio caught hell for this song.  However, they changed record companies and went on to do a lot more very political stuff, including their version of the !2 Days of Christmas (which is unfortunately not available online -  let's put it this, it was inspired by the release from prison of a Nazi who received a hero's welcome in his hometown).

Let me close with the reunited original trio with an updated version of the song with what we began, called The George Bush Society:


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And they say
liberals have no sense of humor.
I remember the John Bush Society, and the retired General who flew his American flag upside down because it was a signal of distress at the direction the country was going. Wasn't Ollie North part of the John Birch Society, too?  

Who's the "they" who say so?
My impression has always been that, in so far as Americans in general have any sense of humour it's the liberals who do. At least, as I understand "humour". The Regressives seem to respond well to "slip on a banana peel" and "pie in the face" type of juvenile "fun" but not to anything subtler. Every really funny joke I've ever heard from a Repub has been "borrowed" from the liberal side, with just the names changed (never mind that, half the time, it no longer makes any sense, because the situation restricts the possibilities)

[ Parent ]
"Just kidding"
and "can't you take a joke?" is what the righties say after making some outrageous statement about a progressive person... I was being a tad sarcastic.

I will say, however, that the right is very very clever with its use of the English language. I thought the term "Louisiana Purchase" to describe what the Louisiana Senator Landrieu got out of Reid in return for her cooperation on the health care bill was very funny. And how about "Clean Skies" to describe polluter-friendly "regulation" bill? That was infuriating-funny. When you scan their Repub-to-Repub missives you find them loaded with, as you say, middle school type so-called humor; either that, or a college level scatological terminology. Sometimes they even peg a opponent, picking on a character trait or mannerism that they blow out of proportion to ridicule.... again, like highschool mean girl-cliques. Hard to respond to without sinking to their level.

[ Parent ]
There was the "Louisiana Purchase"
and then the Cornhusker Something-or-other describing Nelson's deal vis Medicare and both were very apt and funny. Are you certain-sure that the terms were Repub-generated?

Vis the "Clear Skies" act... I always took it to mean "No Tree Left Behind" :)

[ Parent ]
I grew up
in "commie" Poland, hearing about John Birch Society -- that's how "famous" (infamous?) it was. But I never heard the song, so, many thanks.

Out of curiosity... Just when did the colour shift happen? In the song, they're hunting Pinkie Lee and Red Skelton and I've also heard about "the Red Menace" (China?) but, today, the fRighties congregate in the red states...

2000 election
networks used to switch between cycles of which party was red and which was blue.  But 2000 went on so long, w/FL going back and forth, that we got locked into REd = R and BLue - D.  And yes, given right-wing anti-communist orientation of Rs, it is ironic that their color is now red.

This is my world and welcome to it

[ Parent ]
And another big "H"
Goes to the JBS.  What Hypocrites!  It's amazing how the undermining of our Constitution, paring away at the Bill of Rights, and increased spying was just fine with the JBS during Bush's tenure.  "Watch what you say" has always been OK with them.  The concept of the "unitary executive" was OK with them too, until someone from the other side of the aisle wins the presidency.  Then they yell and scream their bogus claims of "communism" or "socialism."

It's such an old drill that it shows how little people remember of even the last half-century.  If they remembered all the crying wolf, they would be more skeptical when someone throws the term "socialism" around.

The current Teabaggers really are like the old JBS, which sponsored CPAC.  (They were not the only, but a significant sponsor.) It is interesting how things have changed.  The Republican party back in the 1960s pretty much ignored most of the John Birchers.  Now they sponsor a gathering of fringers, most "mainstream" Republicans trot their dog-and- pony shows.

What has changed is how the a-moral, fawning soul-less candidates for the Republican Party's top of the ticket in 2012 all pay their respects to the fringe. That did not happen in the early days of the JBS.  

Also at the John Birch Society/CPAC convention last weekend Newt Gingrich cautioned Teabaggers to get along with Dems (act bipartisan) until they beat all Dems and then ditch bipartisanship.  It's how they have always been.  Give them and "H."

CPAC is not a parallel construct with progressive organizations such as PDA, or even DFA.  It's the Coulterites, Becks, Hannities, and Limbaughs along with the Teabaggers.  And yet, with no credibility of its own, it tries to characterize Dems. They may have gullible followers, but credibility, zip.  They just make stuff up.  And then, what happens?  Every single media outlet gives them extensive coverage and faux credibility.  The corporate media, along with the Republican party today are trying to make extremism mainstream.

PS I attended a Chad Mitchel Trio concert in the back in the 1960s.  Really enjoyed them.  Thanks for finding the audio and video of the revised version.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

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