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Open Thread

by: Teddy Goodson

Sat Feb 06, 2010 at 15:05:51 PM EST

Use this to comment on what you are seeing, doing, and thinking as we struggle through this mammoth storm. In Fairfax City the snow began yesterday about 10 AM, big fat, sloppy snow which came down but turned instantly to slush, and then it gradually changed to smaller, sharper pellets that descended furiously from the heavens. Suddenly the accumulation began to mount up. I shoveled a partial path to my air conditioner compressor heat pump on my back patio, and shoveled about 5 inches off the equipment---- and repeated this preventive maintenance four times. It turned much colder and windier and snowed overnight continuously---- everything disappeared under a thick, heavy, wet blanket of snow. A couple of hours ago the snow turned dry and powdery, and mounted up even faster; I continued to shovel a way to my heat pump.

All kinds of frantic birds are flying in flocks, swooping from snow-laden tree limb to snow laden tree limb, having no place to light, and unable to find food. Can birds eat flax seed? I will put some out for them. Just paid two energetic young boys 80 bucks to shovel mountains of snow in both front and back, and dig out my car. They will return tomorrow to re-do the entire job, as the shovelled part is re-filling with snow.

What's up with the rest of the world out there?

Teddy Goodson :: Open Thread
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Open Thread | 8 comments
about 11 inches in the latest storm.  This is our third snowfall in 8 days.  Another is expected Tuesday.  Last weekend, we had 11.3 inches.  We got another 6 or so earlier this week.  And now another 11-12 inches since yesterday.

Plows seem to be keeping up better than in Dec (which went poorly).  

About 23,000 further south and east have lost power and heat so far.  We (obviously) have power.  And we have heat, phone service etc.

Oh, but cabin fever abounds....

So, not much to complain about.  OR are we just getting used to this? :-)

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

About 9 inches in this storm. The snow was wet and heavy. It was a day to hunker down and read novels in my Kindle. Hubby was addicted to sports to pass the time.

I hope Tuesday and Wednesday will NOT bring more snow. Roanoke and Blacksburg have had - so far - more snow than Anchorage, Alaska!

Tapering off
at 5:30 PM in NoVa. We had what looks to be a little over 20 inches, and no one is out and about.

Still need to know: can birds eat flax seed? The poor things cannot find anything to eat because of the deep snow cover: Robins, sparrows and others I am afraid I do not recognize.

Put out the flax seed
If the birds don't like it, they won't eat it. But there's nothing bad in flax seed and, indeed, quite a bit of good -- fat, for energy. Ditto for sunflower seeds, should you have any (though those are likely to be "stolen" by squirrels).

[ Parent ]
We woke up to a white world yesterday and it continued to snow throughout the day and night and half the day today. I didn't measure but would guess at about 10-12", though it packed down fast, being wet and heavy.

As soon as it stopped -- around 2PM -- our neighbour next door came and shovelled our driveway. That makes it two times out of the 4 that we had snow this winter (the other two times, we paid someone to do it). The first time, I baked him an apple pie (deep dish, Polish style). This time, it was orange/raisin "bread" (semi-sweet). If we have much more of this, my repertoire may run short...

Snow In Broad Run
Finally quit snowing about 4pm. There is about 3 feet on the deck behind the house. I suspect the official count will be somewhere in excess of 25 inches. My son and I shoveled out much of the driveway. After dark, a neighbor showed up with a front loader to get the area along the road. There have been a few vehicles on our rural road, but I suspect the connection to Rt. 29 is blocked by snow plow berms. Most of the vehicles went by in that direction and a few minutes later returned the other direction.

Our power was out from 7am to 11am. About 1pm, I had a call from our Pastor who lives on Blue Mountain. His power had just gone out and he wanted me to send out a notice that Church was canceled. It will be interesting to hear when the first snow plow arrives on these rural roads.

If I can get onto Rt. 29, I can get to work Monday morning. Our road through New Baltimore is drivable because the snow is packed down, one lane only, but making that left turn onto Rt. 29 could be the limiting factor.

Snow Plow in Broad Run
The road was plowed last night. There is now room for two cars to pass.

[ Parent ]
The city workers have been working very hard to clear roads. This has been an ongoing struggle for them through this winter.

Some power outages in the area but shelters have been set up in neighboring county middle schools.

Open Thread | 8 comments
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