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Haiti: More Magical Thinking by Pat Robertson

by: Teddy Goodson

Wed Jan 13, 2010 at 21:10:18 PM EST

The Great Haitian Earthquake of 2010 is the fault of the people of Haiti, according to Pat Robertson, who frequently plays  blame-the-victim as a matter of course. He explains it very logically (in his mind): the people of Haiti, when subject to French colonial rule under Napoleon, "made a pact with the Devil," promising that if the Devil would help them to throw out the French, they would serve him in the future.

Teddy Goodson :: Haiti: More Magical Thinking by Pat Robertson
Robertson, by the way, seems to have mistaken the date of the original Haitian slave revolt, and then confused Napoleon Bonaparte for Napoleon 3rd (possibly Pat confused the Haitian revolt with the Mexican Revolution, who knows), but Pat is convinced that all of Haiti's subsequent problems and its grinding poverty are punishment by God for this pact with the Devil. His source for the story is simply saying "it's true." I wonder, did the eighteenth century Haitian slaves perhaps beseech their old West African pagan god Voudon for help against the mighty French, and is this the real source for Pat's new myth?  In any case, he says he believes that "something good may come from all this" however, if the Haitians turn back to God. That is, to Pat Robertson's version of God, obviously---- I wonder what he thinks of the collapse of various Catholic Churches in Port au Prince, and of Catholic schools, and, no doubt of various Protestant missions thereabouts. Will Pat send missionaries from Liberty College to convert the devil-pact's descendants?

Pat does raise one good question, also noted by other observers: on the Island of Hispaniola there are two countries, Haiti and Santo Domingo; the former is a de-forested, poverty-stricken basket case, the latter has preserved much of its forests and has a reasonably prosperous tourist-driven economy, providing quite a contrast.... Why? Diamond in his book Collapse addressed this very question.  Basically, he decided that a rather benevolent dictator, Vasquez, imposed his will on Santo Domingo, preventing deforestation and the stripping of the island's forests and minerals by foreign (mostly American) big businesses.  He was deposed by Trujillo, whose iron-fisted fascism created unusual stability, and whose business connections ended up raising the standard of living.... it is, however, doubtful that Trujillo made a pact with either Heaven or Hell to accomplish any of this (sorry, Pat).

What troubles me here is not just the self-righteous approval of catastrophe, or Robertson's remarkable ability to garner publicity with his absurd pretensions, but the fact that not just Robertson but Robertson's student, Bob McDonnell (the new Governor of Virginia), much of the Republican Party itself, as well as the Tea Party fringe, base their mental processes on such magical thinking.  Their version of "cause and effect" amounts to positing a vindictive super natural agency which directly punishes human beings for failure to worship the appointed god properly---- and this is their guiding principle for government. What kind of decisions will such a mind set impose on the rest of us?  

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World offers Compassion: Robertson Offers Blame and Condemnation
Robertson has entered the "looney with a loudspeaker" zone.
He is consistent in his blame and condemnation of  persons who experience the "evils" of natural disaster.

Scientists have offered warnings of potential earthquake disaster in the Caribbean..

In a new study published December 24, 2004 in the Journal of Geophysical Research from the American Geophysical Union, geologists Uri ten Brink of the U.S. Geological Survey in Woods Hole and Jian Lin of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) report a heightened earthquake risk of the Septentrional fault zone, which cuts through the highly populated region of the Cibao valley in the Dominican Republic. In addition, they caution, the geologically active offshore Puerto Rico and Hispaniola trenches are capable of producing earthquakes of magnitude 7.5 and higher.

The worst has happened and blaming helps NO ONE. Pat needs to retire, take a vow of poverty, and anonymously donate his riches to charity.  

Pat's favourite charity is ... Pat. And as for taking the vow of poverty... Since when is his name St Francis of Assisi? The man is pure evil (his opinion/excrement on Haiti joins his previous ones on 9/11 and Katrina). As someone asked on another blog: what has Virginia done, to deserve two such "educators" (Falwell and his Liberty U being the other)?  

[ Parent ]
Robertson Is an Agent of the Devil
Pat Robertson is a worshipper of "mammon" (a Semitic word that means wealth or money). He has made in excess of $300 million - perhaps as much as $1 billion - by fooling the fearful and the devout who listen to his tripe.

This is just the latest in a long line of crap spewing out of the mouth of that agent of the devil.

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