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Webb's WaPo Op-Ed

by: cycle12

Fri Dec 04, 2009 at 16:09:31 PM EST

Good afternoon!  

Please go to this link to read U. S. Senator Jim Webb's op-ed piece entitled "A Plan in Need of Clarity" about the Obama administration's plans for Afghanistan in today's (Friday, December 4) Washington Post:

In his piece, Senator Webb "...pushes for clarification of the conditions necessary for a successful draw-down of American forces."

Hope you have a good weekend...



cycle12 :: Webb's WaPo Op-Ed
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Webb's WaPo Op-Ed | 3 comments
Link is broken... Here's another one
to the same article.

Thanks for posting.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

I have to say that I
tend to agree with Senator Webb here.  

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

[ Parent ]
Thanks, Kathy...
...the link was working when I first posted the message, but who knows?

Yes, with Webb's war, combat and more recent diplomatic background, his many foreign experiences and world travels, his strong intellect, his studied introversion and his dogged determination, I usually wait to see what he has to say before jumping into discussions that make a lot of noise but don't seem to help solve many problems or offer substantive solutions.

Jim Webb is very much a no-nonsense kind of guy who looks for facts, considers the true motivations behind various actions (and inactions), dismisses off-topic matters and trivialities without being rude in so doing, and then proposes ideas and strategies to achieve mutual goals.

This sort of deliberate, methodical, almost professorial approach to problem solving does not appear to be very much in vogue these days, thus all the more reason to listen to one of its few remaining practitioners, Jim Webb.

Thanks again!


[ Parent ]
Webb's WaPo Op-Ed | 3 comments
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