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Election Returns From SBE/VPAP

by: Dave

Tue Nov 03, 2009 at 14:31:10 PM EST

Polls are closed!

Election returns courtesy of Virginia Public Access Project and the Virginia State Board of Elections.

Gov shown below. For full statewide returns, visit:

Dave :: Election Returns From SBE/VPAP
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Silver lining?
It's a tough night for a Democratic optimist, but lemme try -- it looks like we'll have a few strong new Democrats in the HoD, including Mark Keam, Scott Surovell, Kaye Kory and Patrick Hope.  Luke Torian is currently leading (@ 9:17pm), as is Robin Abbott.  

I am definitely concerned about two outstanding Dem incumbents in tight races -- Margi Vanderhye and Chuck Caputo.  And we have lost a few of our Delegates already, including David Poisson and Joe Bouchard.  And some of our fine challengers, like John Bell, Greg Werkheiser and Stevens Miller, are trailing badly.

Looney toon tea-bagger Catherine Crabill seems to be losing to Al Pollard, though it's still too close for my comfort.

Also Shannon Valentine
I had gotten my mind set for pretty crushing top-of-the-ticket losses. Wasn't prepared to see Valentine go down. Not my local delegate, but saw her speak at the 5th CD dinner last year (it was in Lynchburg, even though that's technically outside the district, whatever) and was very impressed with her, both as a candidate and as an advocate. Safe to say that's my biggest disappointment of the night.


"I believe that, as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil." --RFK

I would agree about Valentine...that is the single biggest shock/disappointment of the night. I was at that dinner as well and I saw a very genuine person and an excellent public servant with a lot of potential. I guess that's what she gets for representing the theocrats at Liberty U. How that bunch keeps their tax-exempt status is beyond me.

look at the map
Deeds lost Albemarle County, which knows him well

Deeds lost Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William - now consider the House of Delegates seats just in those three counties that we dropped: Vanderhye, Caputo, Poisson (although may not have been salvageable), Nichols

any change of Werkheiser defeating Albo

we have a net 5 seat loss -  just those NoVa seats could have washed it out

Why Deeds did not focus on NoVa is beyond me

he carried only 2 CDs -  8th and 3rd.   And consider this from exit polls

group        %2008      %2009
under 30       20         10
minority       33         20

that falls on entire state party as well, that they did not consolidate the new Obama voters, who simply did not turn out.

And this was NOT about Obama

Obama's approval rating in exist  52%
Obama's vote in 2008              53%

This is my world and welcome to it

Bad, Bad, Bad
This is awful. When the other two statewide candidates out-poll the top of the ticket, something is horribly wrong with that candidate. I never thought Jody Wagner would beat Bill Bolling (How can the lieutenant governor make anyone angry? They don't do anything.)

I did expect more from Steve Shannon. He had a nut-rightie to run against, yet he came across as about as personality-filled as Al Gore in 2000.

Losing people like Shannon Valentine in Lynchburg and other really good young Dem delegates tells me one thing: It's time to shake up the DPV. Heads need to roll for this one.

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