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Election Day Open Thread

by: Dave

Tue Nov 03, 2009 at 09:22:53 AM EST

What are you seeing, hearing, thinking? How do the polls look? What are you doing to help today?

Predictions? Thoughts? Comments?

Election Day Open Thread!!!

Real-time results will be available tonight via a partnership between the Virginia Public Access Project and the State Board of Elections.

Dave :: Election Day Open Thread
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there is a lot of commentary on twitter
of what people are seeing/hearing

guess people prefer that immediacy

I voted weeks ago.  And I am in a classroom in Maryland, so other than what others post, I have no idea what is happening or how it feels.

This is my world and welcome to it

what hashtags?
please share the twitter 'gold'

[ Parent ]
In Brian Moran's old district
Voted at around 8:30, saw no one at polls other than volunteers, Kerry Donley with a sample Democratic ballot, and a supporter for Sasha Gong (passing out a free refrigerator magnet, presumably for 2012?).

My wife voted at around 8 AM, saw about 4 voters total while there.  

Even more dead than the Primaries in a very Democratic and historically high turn-out precinct.    

Ballston was quieter at 8 AM than during the primary. Crazy.

[ Parent ]
Seemed like a typical statewide election
at my precinct (F-2 Hethwood).  Steady stream of voters in a largely Democratic precinct.  Typically, my precinct votes between 59 and 70% Democratic.  It will be interesting to see how things hold.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

From Charlottesville
Voted around 10:30 at the Recreation precinct downtown. Have swine flu, so I didn't go inside, instead had a ballot brought out by polling officials. Flow in and out of the precinct seemed fairly light. No presence to speak of from any of the statewide campaigns, outside of a sign or two at the Charlottesville Democrats table.

Unfortunately with this cursed H1N1 bug, won't be able to drink my sorrows away while watching the results come in tonight.


"I believe that, as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil." --RFK

1:00 pm Turnout
In Charlottesville, turnout was high at the Walker precinct, where I vote; at 1:00 PM it was at about 30%, suggesting that it will finish close to 60%.  At Venable, a heavily student precinct, it was at about 10%, suggesting that it will finish at 20%.  Most of the other precincts (didn't see Recreation -- sorry, RTHG) were around 20% to 25%.  Our Registrar says it looks pretty much like the 2005 turnout -- about 47%.  

The Coordinated Campaign is working hard, with more volunteers than voters.  I talked to a couple of people as a part of the Election Day GOTV who said, "Jeez.  Take me off your list.  I got three calls over the weekend, plus a visit at my door."  The problem is a familiar one -- we spend our resources chasing voters that we can find simply because we can find them.  Last year we had a good network to reach the transient student and minority populations, but this year -- because they are transients -- the phone numbers don't work and they aren't in the same houses that they were last year.  So a lot of our Election Day activities are just wheel-spinning.  

Sort of reminds me of the old joke...

A man is looking in the gutter under the street light for his lost keys.  A guy comes up and asks, "Where did you lose them?"  The man points to a spot in the shadows.  "So why are you looking here, if you lost them over there?"  The man responds, "Because the light is better here."

P.S. to Roland -- the best cough medicine I know is a mixture of equal parts of bourbon, honey and lemon juice.  Go for it.  

[ Parent ]
Fairfax City Precinct 2
Slow but steady from 1:3 PM on, probably running vetween 30 and 40 percent turnout. Republicans passed out sample balots, I passed out Democratic sample ballots, and had a generally favorable response. We generally don't get nasty in Fairfax City as we all know each other.

I voted just before 9:00 and the precinct was pleasantly busy, without being crowded; definitely much busier than it had been at the primaries (I worked inside during the primaries, as an officer of elections). I then spent an hour and a half outside, passing out "Democratic reminders" - little tickets with the 4 names of our candidates printed on them. The opposition passed out "sample ballots", which they didn't tell people were Republican sample ballots (with the names of the Republican candidates checked off). So, um... I told a lot of people to vote for the unchecked names.

Went home, had an early lunch, did a grocery run (senior citizen day at Kroger), went back for another "stint" -- 3:00-4:30. Was told by the person who took two consecutive "stints" after me, that it had been the same as in the morning -- a steady trickle. And it was the same way till 4:30. I'm told we're on a track for a 50% turnout, which is not bad for an off year election. But I don't know what the turnout is like in the county (Rockbridge) and that's where the danger lies; Lexington iself is purplish-to-light-blue, but the county is pretty much solid red.

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