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<b>DEEDS: Virginia No Public Option Necessary</b>

by: brian12

Wed Oct 21, 2009 at 23:29:57 PM EDT

Creigh Deeds is a Democrat, not just any Democrat, but a "Creigh Deeds Democrat,"quotes meant as sarcasm and ironically they're Deeds's own words. So what does that mean exactly? Well if Creigh Deeds is elected and the National Health Care bill is passed with a comprehensive public option, in which it says states must enforce or else, don't count on Governor Deeds to be a good steward of that policy, because in his last debate-which wasn't televised to the broader general Virginia TV viewing public,but hey, you could stream it, especially in the more rural sections and the inner cities where they still have Windows 95 computers, Deeds said and I quote, the Washington Post,who ironically endorsed him,
On heath care, Deeds broke new ground by saying that as governor,he would consider opting out of a public health-care option if states are extended that right under legislation being considered in Congress.McDonnell,who opposes reform efforts in Washington,unequivocally said he would opt out if offered that choice. "I don't think a public option is necessary in any plan,and I would certainly consider opting out if that were available to Virginia"
brian12 :: DEEDS: Virginia No Public Option Necessary
Why are we nominating Democrats that are DINOs,and won't stand up for the national party's ideals? McDonnell,  Attorney General of Pat Robertson Virginia, you kind of expected his position. Also, Deeds from Bath county, using McDonnell's thesis against him, because McDonnell is from Pat Robertson's school and Virginia Beach district, just a tad bit of pot calling the kettle black. I'm sure if you want to slow down,Bath county is the place,but I in Arlington County slow down too,I just don't ride horses, I take a walk to a bookstore, I spend time in Theodore Roosevelt Island,I go to DC, I go to my UU church, but Bath county just seems like Falls Church,you grow up there and then you find out the rest of the US is a more interesting place to live. I remember the Taco Bell fight in FC, over drive-thrus, has lots of churches, no real hot spots.  According to wikipedia, population make up in Bath county, Blacks are nil,Native Americans are nil, Asians are nil,Pacific Islanders are nil.  Lot of whites though, about 92%. So Deeds probably didn't have the experience of say Brian Moran in Alexandria, where Bath county's weaknesses in demographics are reversed. So he could make stupid statements that don't energize his own base-except the white folk base, like he doesn't care a bucket of warm piss next to the cows and mules, when it comes to Virginia citizens getting their health care.  Well shuck me some corn, Mr. Senator, no one has to be Governor.  After I read the Post article, I thought of the 1956 presidential race, Eleanor Roosevelt's protege Adlai Stevenson had just lost again, and Stevenson and Roosevelt were together, Stevenson said, "what do I say to them," and Roosevelt reminisced to her grandson Curtis, that she realized if he didn't know what to say, she couldn't help him.  Creigh Deeds doesn't know what to say,do or be. He should get out of politics or go back to his comfort zone in his district, but he's not Gubernatorial material.  If you're going to lose, lose going down in good causes,but don't be too scared to win.        
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Be a proud Democrat--quit hiding from the label.  

Another point of view
Re: what admittedly mushy-mouthed Deeds is said to have said about public option, of which there is only a partial read-out given in this diary:

Here is the way I understand it: The entire objective of health care reform is to cover almost all Americans, including Virginians, at lower cost. If a so-called public option (which, by the way, is a damned stupid name for public relations purposes---- why not "American choice" or something?) covers way more Virginians and does not increase costs, then said politicians are in favor of it. On the other hand, if the clever insurance industry manages to contaminate the public option so that it works to their advantage and not ours, and costs more money, then Viriginia will opt out of such a sham. And so they should, IMHO.

Personally, I agree with Creigh, Wagner, and Shannon on this, primarily because I simply do not trust Congress and the White House not to screw up the public option at the behest of the insurance companies, and turn it into another boondoggle for them in an attempt to bamboozle us with another shell game. The bastards.

PS: Therefore, I am not, repeat not, falling on my sword over what Creigh said or did not say.... some of us seem to have reached the point where nothing the poor guy does is satisfactory to your nitpickin', cotton pickin' mind set. Give him some breathing room, for heaven's sake before you burn him at the stake.

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